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Ostinato drumming
Sound clusters
What is an ostinato?
Where it began,where is it going?
How do I do that?
Player examples
Four way co-ordination
Independence day
How do we learn ?
Paradiddle ostinato "how to"guide
EASY START (ish ) gulp!
NEW Para grooving
V DRUM practice pad (V =cheap version )
Power Practice
Mind work outs
What am I working on?
The musician drummer?
Accent ostinato
Sound clusters
Over odd time
Poly page
Odd times ahead
Pedal swing?
Make mine a double?
For the art
Pedal Physics
Guest book
Link page


Here is a simple idea.
Sound Cluster Ostinato's,
Below is a paradidle between two toms
but played only with "one hand" it's a sound alike.
At a UK clinic I saw Marco MInnemann play this
patterrn and solo over it with his remaining
limbs.Good stuff...
(....hmmm remind me to give up drums tomorrow)



Above are a few other examples of the idea
Again you could mess around with this
type of idea forever

A few players can manage two sets of these at once and still keep track of it all ;eg (7/8 - 5/8 ) Mad stuff...